There are several pages that still need to be created and they also need grammar correction. I've been watching the series and reading the manga all over again in order to find the pages that are missing and I have a list with some of those pages:

(*there are spoilers in the descriptions*)

- Aoiya
- Shirojou (one of the shinobi that live in the Aoiya)
- Kurojou (one of the shinobi that live in the Aoiya)
- Omime (one of the shinobi that live in the Aoiya)
- Masugami (one of the shinobi that live in the Aoiya)
- Aritomo Yamagata
- Sekihara Sae
- Geezer (manga only, the man who helps kenshin recover after he goes into a depression thinking kaoru was murdered; Yukishiro Enishi/Tomoe's father)
- Yutaro
- Sagara Sozo (former leader of the Sekihotai)
- Sekihotai
- Higashidani Kamishimoemon (manga only, Sanosuke's father)
- Hgashidani Uki (manga only, Sanosuke's sister)
- Higashidani Outa (manga only, Sanosuke's brother)

Please, someone help develop this wiki. We have to keep Rurouni Kenshin alive. I'll keep posting the missing pages here and I'll edit the list if new pages are created.

強いの心は強いの刀を破る - KenSano (talk) 12:08, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

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