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  • Coolquiorra

    A second thought

    October 7, 2012 by Coolquiorra

    I thought the Jinchu arc was not good compared to either of the two before it but after I skimmed over it again it's actually pretty good, so it ties with Kyoto which makes it above Tokyo and Meiji

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  • Coolquiorra

    Chapter Images

    October 6, 2012 by Coolquiorra

    Man, if there's any job on this wiki that isn't fun at all, it's uploading chapter images. After uploading around 80, I realized they were the wrong size, so I had to go back and change the thumbnail size. It's taken me a while, so I've been taking a break and fixing up some popular character pages to make the wiki look more professional. When I'm really bored again or someone asks me to, I'll go back to the grindstone and upload more chapter images... help...

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  • Coolquiorra

    The new OVA... sort've

    September 30, 2012 by Coolquiorra

    Just saw part 1 of Shin Kyoto Hen. I really love the animation and the character designs. The plot seems a little rushed but I guess you can't fit the whole Kyoto arc into two ~40 minute parts. I like how Usui challenged Shishio and died rather than Saito killing him, just because it can show their power difference and you get a cool line from Shishio. The scene with Shishio and Yumi (if you've seen it you know which one I'm talking about) was pretty unexpected, but I have no complaints because it was heavily implied in the original RK anyway. Planning to watch part 2 today hopefully. --Coolquiorra (talk) 21:44, September 30, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Coolquiorra


    September 29, 2012 by Coolquiorra

    After much thought, I realized Enishi and teen Yahiko were the only really good things about the Jinchu arc, so my new favorite arc is the Kyoto arc. My hierarchy is now Kyoto>Tokyo>Jinchu. It just feels more like a large scale conflict and a true end to Kenshin, while the Jinchu arc is only there to tie up loose ends and have Enishi, it's a personal conflict that I consider a post-Kenshin story. Enishi will always be my favorite character, though.

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