• BlitzWarp

    The idea for this is after the end of Samurai X Reflections. Kenji wields the Sakaboto, & is the assiant master of the Kamiya Dojo, while Yahiko is the master & reverts back to using a wooden sword. Since the death of Kenshin, Misao, Aoshi, Hiko Seijuro XIII, Megumi, Saito, & Sanosuke appeared at the Kamiya dojo for Kenshin's furneal.

    After the furneal, Kaoru soon follow & everyone weeps once again. Sanosuke stayed hidden in the dojo cause he's still maybe wanted. Megumi worked at the local clinic, Aoshi & Misao stay at the dojo as guests, Saito leaves once again. Hiko Seijuro made pots & sold them in town & bought some sake & pour it on Kenshin's grave like he did in Samurai X Trust & Betrayal. Yahiko stayed on as the master of the dojo & …

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