Gender Male
Additional Information
Weapons Katana
Occupation Swordsman
Affiliation Shinko-ryū
Isurugi Raijūta
Story Facts
Manga Debut Act 38
Anime Debut Episode 19
Seiyu Minoru Inaba
Voice Actor Paul St. Peter

An adjutant of Shinko-ryū under the command of Isurugi Raijūta, Tsukio is one of the four swordsmen dispatched to attack Himura Kenshin at the Kamiya dojo with an ultimatum: join their band or die. When he and his comrade Toji attack Kenshin together, Tsukio is immediately struck and knocked unconscious while the target agilely dodges the two-on-one strike.


  • Tsukio was not named in the manga, but was given a name in the anime.

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