Gender Male
Additional Information
Fighting Style Sumo
Occupation Sumo wrestler
Affiliation Hamakaze school
Story Facts
Anime Debut Episode 13
Seiyu Kenjirō Tsuda

Toramaru is a sumo wrestler with vast potential.

In his hometown he was a very good sumo wrestler and decided to move to Tokyo, joining the Hamakaze school in hopes of becoming a Yokozuna. His senior comrade, Senryōyama, however bullied and humiliated him, causing him to eventually abandon his dream and leave the school.

However, after learning of his story, Kamiya Kaoru takes him in and vows to bring out his true potential. When Senryoyama learns of this and also learns that the master of his school has agreed to let him rejoin, he attempts to do everything he can to stop Toramaru. However, Toramaru is able to beat him up and the master, who witnesses what has occurred, realizes that Senryoyama, being an Ozeki, was able to see Toramaru's true potential and so tried to push him away in order to prevent any possibility of being defeated by him in the future.

Thanks to Himura Kenshin, the two students of the Hamakaze school agree to make peace with one another, with Senryoyama vowing to help Toramaru train in order to redeem himself.

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