Takatsuki Gentatsu
Kanji たかつきげんたつ
Age Late 20s
Gender Male
Additional Information
Affiliation Ex-Aizu Clan Member, Rebel Leader
Story Facts
Anime Debut Samurai X: The Motion Picture
Seiyu Nozomu Sasaki

Takatsuki Gentatsu is the older brother of Takatsuki Toki. He is a veteran samurai who fought valiantly for the Tokugawa Shogunate under the Aizu clan during the Meiji restoration, acting as one of the commanders for their saboteur runs and assassinations. During a surprise attack on a crucial negotiation by the forces of the Isshin Shishi, was killed by Himura Kenshin.


  • Takimi Shigure- Shigure and Gentatsu were both friends and comrades during the war.
  • Takatsuki Toki - Gentatsu's younger sister.

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