Takatsuki Gentatsu
Kanji たかつきげんたつ
Age Late 20s
Gender Male
Additional Information
Affiliation Ex-Aizu Clan Member, Rebel Leader
Story Facts
Anime Debut Samurai X: The Motion Picture
Seiyu Nozomu Sasaki

Takatsuki Gentatsu is the Older brother of Takatsuki Toki. He is a veteran samurai who fought valiantly for the Aizu clan during the Meiji restoration, acting as one of the commanders for their saboteur runs and assassinations. He was killed by Himura Kenshin.


  • Takimi Shigure- Shigure and Gentatsu were both friends and comrades during the war.
  • Takatsuki Toki - Gentatsu's younger sister.

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