Suzaku is a member of the Su Shen. He specializes in replicating the techniques of his opponents as he faces them, which comes in handy against Shinomori Aoshi. He is even able to improve these techniques, or so he thinks, which helps him knock away Aoshi's twin Kodachi during their battle, leaving him unarmed and apparently defenseless to any subsequent attacks he throws toward him.


Aoshi counters Suzaku, using Kenpo.

However, Aoshi knows perfectly well the weaknesses and openings of each of his techniques and as Suzaku attacks him using these copied moves, Aoshi kicks him right in the face, knocking him back, to his complete and utter surprise. Suzaku claims he just got caught off guard and continues to attack, but Aoshi catches and breaks his sword with his left hand, saying that he knows the exact path of the sword since its his own technique. He tells Suzaku that he is not worth killing, instead leaving him defeated and humiliated.

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