The Six Comrades were a group led by Yukishiro Enishi consisting of three mercenaries and three people who wanted revenge on Kenshin for various things he had done in their pasts. Enishi himself was included in the latter three. The Comrades are the main antagonists through most of the Jinchū Arc, and Enishi remains the sole main antagonist throughout the entirety of the arc.


Inui BanjinEdit

Mercenary that joined Enishi to prove how powerful he is. Skilled in Jutsushiki Muteki-Ryū.

Otowa HyōkoEdit

Skilled in assassination. Uses tools called 13 anki. Joined Enishi for his enjoyment in fighting and to avenge the death of his fellow assassin who was killed by Kenshin. A drag queen.


Puppet master who first showed up in the Kyōto Arc under the guise of "Iwanbo". Joined Enishi for a job and due to his knowledge on Kenshin's recent activity.

Kujiranami HyōgoEdit

Former samurai who lost his arm to Kenshin during the Bakumatsu, which he replaced with a gun. Joined Enishi in hopes of getting revenge on Kenshin.

Yatsume MumyōiEdit

Nameless miner-turned assassin for the Yaminobu. Fights with his clawed elongated left arm. Joined Enishi in hopes of getting revenge on Kenshin.

Yukishiro EnishiEdit

Progenitor of the Comrades and its leader. Desires to bring Jinchū upon Kenshin for killing his sister, Yukishiro Tomoe. Created group to aid him in his revenge and persuaded them with hopes of revenge on Kenshin.

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