Shimada Ichirō (島田 一郎) was one of a group of seven former samurai from Ishikawa prefecture who are credited with the assassination of Ōkubo Toshimichi. Having sent a letter to the Tokyo newspapers announcing their intentions, on the morning of May 14, 1878, Shimada, Chō Tsurahide and five others ambushed Ōkubo's carriage. However, Shishio Makoto had already learned of their plot beforehand and had sent Seta Sōjirō ahead of them to kill Ōkubo in the name of the Juppongatana. Upon discovering Ōkubo already dead inside his carriage, Shimada and the others decided to take the credit, as their declaration had already been sent, and took their own swords to the fresh corpse, thus inadvertently burying Shishio's actions from the public eye. He was voiced by Norihisa Mori.

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