Birth November 1843
Gender Male
Height 195 cm
Weight 100 kg
Blood Type B
Additional Information
Weapons Ball-and-chain
Occupation Onmitsu
Affiliation Tokyo Oniwabanshu
Story Facts
Manga Debut Act 24
Anime Debut Episode 9
Seiyu Kazuhiro Nakata
Voice Actor Dean Elliot

Shikijo was a member of the Oniwabanshū and the "muscle" of their arsenal. He is very tall, incredibly muscular and large, heavily scarred and as tough as Sagara Sanosuke. He wields an extremely large flail, though he discards it as Sano has no weapon. He is defeated when Sano lands a heavy blow to his head, with the former collapsing shortly after, as a result of injuries sustained during that battle. He regains consciousness and is the first of the four Oniwabanshu to be killed when he defends the Okashira, Shinomori Aoshi. from the treacherous Takeda Kanryū's gatling gun fire. His head was severed and buried by Aoshi, on the mountainside, along with the rest of his comrades.



  • In the manga, Kenshin and his friends encounter Shikijō after they break into Kanryu's mansion, where Sanosuke stays to fight him. In the anime, only Sano encounters and fights him, and does so outside the front door of Kanryu's mansion, while protecting Takani Megumi.
  • In the anime, they omit reference to the muscle enhancing medicine Shikijō used. Instead, his musculature is supposedly the results of his training.