Gender Male
Additional Information
Fighting Style Sumo
Occupation Sumo wrestler
Affiliation Hamakaze school
Story Facts
Anime Debut Episode 13
Seiyu Shigezō Sasaoka

Senryōyama is an Ozeki ranked sumo wrestler, thought to be close to reaching the level of Yokuzuna. He is respected and revered throughout the community.

He is malicious and very jealous of a fellow student of the Hamakaze school named Toramaru, having bullied him on purpose and dampened his self-esteem, after witnessing his rapid progress. Later on, he beats Toramaru up on the street for not paying a bill to a nearby restaurant and the latter becomes suicidal, but is taken under Kaoru's wing.

After finding out that Toramary is training in Sumo under Kamiya Kaoru's guidance, Senryoyama attempts to stop him at all costs, but with his new strength, the former is able to beat him up. Upon Himura Kenshin's advice, he agrees help Toramaru train in order to redeem himself for being contemptuous towards him.

Quotes Edit

"Shut your mouth! It's none of your business; so don't interfere! What difference does it make if it's the truth or not!?"

-Senryoyama to Kenshin about his reason

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