Gender Male
Additional Information
Weapons Poison darts
Occupation Pirate (formerly)
Affiliation Kairyu Pirates (formerly)
Story Facts
Anime Debut Episode 25
Seiyu Masataka Nakai

Sarujiro is a young man who works for the Kairyu Pirates. He is deeply devoted to Shura, the leader of the Kairyu, who succeeded her father before her. When Shura raids a ship guarded by the Kenshin-gumi, Sarujiro manages to hit Himura Kenshin on the back with a poison dart, however, he is still able to defeat Shura in this condition and later on decides to turn himself over to the Kairyu in exchange for Kamiya Kaoru's freedom. Shura then demands that he be healed so that she can execute him herself. After Shura is betrayed by her crew, due to her strict rules of conduct, namely to avoid the slaughter of innocents and to only steal goods from corrupt rich people, Sarujiro stays by her side and aids Kenshin in taking care of her and helping her recover from a bullet wound to the leg, inflicted by a former crew member. After Kenshin and Shura take care of the treacherous crew, the Kairyu comes to an end and both Shura and Sarujiro, along with old man Iwazo (the only other member of the Kairyu who remains loyal to Shura to the end) begin a new life and abandon piracy.

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