Kanji 虎丸
Gender Male
Additional Information
Weapons Double-ended Katana
Occupation Swordsman
Affiliation Shinko-ryū
Isurugi Raijūta
Story Facts
Manga Debut Act 38
Anime Debut Episode 19
Seiyu Shigeru Ushiyama
Voice Actor Kirk Thornton

An adjutant of Shinko-ryū under the command of Isurugi Raijūta, Sakuramaru is one of the four swordsmen dispatched to attack Himura Kenshin at the Kamiya dojo with an ultimatum: join their band or die. While his comrades Tsukio and Tsuruzaemon were immediately defeated, Sakuramaru's superior skills allowed him to pose a challenge to Himura's legendary ability. However, Sakuramaru, too, was struck down, declaring with his last conscious breath that he finally understood why the master wanted Himura dead if he refused to join.


  • Sakuramaru was not named in the manga, but was given a name in the anime.

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