Takagi Tokio 高木 時尾 , later, Saitō Tokio is the wife of Saitō Hajime. She never appeared in the series but he mentioned her to Himura Kenshin and Makimachi Misao, saying that it was best to leave Mishima Eiji with Tokio, since they couldn't bring him along with them, nor could they leave him in the Shingetsu village, since all his family were murdered. Saitō tells Kenshin and Misao that Tokio is a good woman and will take care of Eiji, to which the two jokingly say that she must be like a female Buddha if she puts up with Saitō.

To the real Saitō Hajime she was his second wife, after Shinoda Yaso 篠田 やそ.

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