The Renbatō, or "Repeater", is one of the satsujinken swords forged by master swordsmith Arai Shakkū during the Bakumatsu.

While stored, the Renbatō appears as a set of twin katana, but a section on each hilt comes off to reveal interlocking pegs, allowing the two blades to connect and form the sword's true form - a single sword with parallel blades. This weapon is designed so as to leave close-set parallel wounds when it cuts an opponent; since wounds of this nature are nearly impossible to stitch closed, infection is nearly unavoidable and anyone on the receiving end of one of Renbatō's blows will die a painful death by disease if not cut down in the duel. Rather than being an unbeatable sword, it is a sword that ensures death for its opponents. However, the Renbatō does not seem to be particularly durable. Renbatō ends up in the hands of "Sword Hunter" Sawagejō Chō and sees its final battle against Himura Kenshin, who shatters its blades with ease.

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