Rasenpyō or "Spiral tacks" are small, hand-launched darts used by Beshimi of the Oniwabanshū. Conical in shape, these darts are designed to be fired at an opponent with the strength of the user's fingers and, engraved with a spiral pattern, they automatically follow a rifling path, ensuring their unwavering trajectory. The offensive capability of the rasenpyō is relatively small when compared to other weapons, but Beshimi has been shown to use them to inflict damage comparable to bullets and it has been stated that they can be fatal if the heart is struck directly. However, Beshimi augments their menace by coating many of his in poison - specifically Jimsonweed poison. Two of Sanosuke's gambling buddies were struck with these weapons and Yahiko was struck in the arm with one coated in poison. In the anime, Beshimi was able to use one of his rasenpyō to jam Takeda Kanryū's gatling gun.

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