Rakuninmura is village where outcasts and grieving people reside. Himura Kenshin exiles himself there for a while after Kamiya Kaoru's alleged death at the hands of Yukishiro Enishi. Kenshin faces an internal struggle, while residing in Rakuninmura, not eating or drinking for days and unable to hear anything from the outside, until Sanjō Tsubame cries for his help, when Myōjin Yahiko is in trouble, fighting against the sinister Kujiranami Hyōgo all by himself. After a little delay, Kenshin makes his way to the battle and defeats Hyogo using Kuzuryūsen. His ex father-in-law Oibore aids him in getting through his struggle by placing a bottle of of perfume with a white plum scent next to him (the scent of his daughter and Kenshin's first love, Yukishiro Tomoe). When Enishi escapes from the authorities, he also heads to Rakininmura, where he falls into despair, knowing that his struggle to avenge Tomoe was all in vain, because of the strong affection she had for Kenshin. His father, Oibore, however seems to help him get through the trouble, just as he did with Kenshin.

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