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Omine is a member of the Oniwabanshū, who helps run the Aoiya. She assists Okina, and serves as Makimachi Misao's caretaker. She wields a boomerang-type shuriken.

During the Juppongatana invasion in Aoiya Omine alongside with the oniwabanshu fought Iwanbo.

She is shown to have feelings towards Kenshin's master , Seijuro Hiko. It is evident not only when Hiko shows off his skill on a fight against Fuji, but also in the episode 89 where she went for a shopping trip with Kaoru, Megumi and the female members of Oniwaban before they leave Tokyo. There, she is seen praying along with the girls and her voice says: "I hope I will be able to see Seijuro. Hiko again."

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