Oguni Suzume
Kanji すずめ
Gender Female
Additional Information
Affiliation Kamiya dojo
Story Facts
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyu Noriko Namiki
Voice Actor Mona Marshall

Oguni Suzume is the little sister of Ayame and a recurrening character in the anime. She's the granddaughter of Dr. Genzai and is always repeating her older sister's words. She calls Kenshin Ken-nii (Brother Ken) or "Uncle Ken" in the English dub and refers to Sanosuke as the "spiky hair guy".

Appearance Edit

Suzume appears to be about four years old. She got brown eyes and brown hair, tied in pigtails. She is always seen wearing kimonos (traditional woman clothes in Japan). Hers is orange with a yellow obi.


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