Kanji 中条
Gender Male
Additional Information
Weapons Chusen
Occupation Onmitsu
Affiliation Yaminobu
Story Facts
Anime Debut Trust & Betrayal
Seiyu N/A
Voice Actor N/A

He was the first one who fights against Battousai in Binding Forest. He is from Yaminobu and best friend of Otowa Hyōko, from whom he acquired his 'Chusen'. He would be the first of the group to fight Battosai in the 'Binding Forest'. In the manga, after shooting Battosai with a dart from the 'Chusen', he gets his arms cut off at the elbows, runs into a cave, and sets off an explosion that temporarily takes away Kenshin's sense of hearing, killing himself in the process. In the OVA, Battosai impales him with his katana, and he activates the explosion as he dies. His death is later used by Otowa as an excuse to go after Kenshin.

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