Rsz yaminobumember
Kanji 村上
Gender Male
Additional Information
Weapons Chained Katana Pair
Occupation Assassin
Affiliation Yaminobu
Story Facts
Manga Debut Act 167
Anime Debut Trust & Betrayal

Murakami was an assassin of the Yaminobu who had been sent to Kyoto in the founding year of Genji in order to slay the Hitokiri Himura Battōsai. After the Yaminobu supplied him with information about Battōsai's skills, Murakami followed Himura secretly until discerning his usual routes and made his move one night while Battōsai was leaving a Kyoto pub. Using his signature weapon - a katana and wakizashi attached by a long chain - Murakami killed two interfering vagrants before attacking Himura himself. But even after wrapping Battōsai in his chain, binding the hitokiri's sword-arm, Murakami was cut down in a single stroke with his own blade.

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