Mrs. Mutoh is the mother of Amakusa Shōgo and Amakusa Sayo and the wife of Mr. Mutoh. Her brother is Nishida Hyōei. Like her daughter, she suffers from tuberculosis. When it is discovered that she and her family are affiliated with the Christian faith, they are pursued by Samurai who kill her husband and chase down the rest of them. When they are about to be killed, Hyoei rescues them, but being too weak to travel as a result of her sickness, Mrs. Mutoh tells her son, Shogo, to go on without her and to take care of his sister. After much reluctance, Shogo decides to leave her behind and she is shot to death, as he and the rest of them watch on in anguish.

She was voiced by Gara Takashima in the original Japanese version.

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