Maekawa dojo is a kenjutsu dojo on the south side of Tokyo run by renowned swordsman Maekawa Miyauchi. The dojo trains its students in the Chūetsu-ryū style and often holds joint training sessions with the nearby Kamiya dojo.

In the early Spring of 1878, the Maekawa dojo is beset upon by the swordsman Isurugi Raijūta, who mocks Maekawa's teachings and ruthlessly defeats him in a match. It is only due to the intervention of Kamiya dojo's guest Himura Kenshin that Maekawa dojo's sign is not taken down and burned by Raijūta and his ward.

That Autumn, Maekawa dojo is attacked once again by Inui Banjin of the Six Comrades, targeting anyone involved with Kenshin and the Kamiya dojo.

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