Maekawa Miyauchi is an aging swordsman who is considered one of the best kenjutsu practitioners in the Tokyo area and the master of the Maekawa dojo in the south of the city. Devoted to the Chūetsu-ryū school of swordsmanship, Maekawa-sensei has cared only for swords ever since his youth and eagerly wishes to fight against stronger and stronger opponents. A friend of the late Kamiya Koshijiro, Maekawa invited Kamiya Kaoru to hold joint training sessions for her students and herself with the Maekawa dojo students any time she wished, but with the decline of kenjutsu brought on by the Meiji Restoration, reluctantly found himself relying on her novelty as the lovely "kenjutsu princess" to attract more students and keep attendance high. In the early Spring of 1878, when rumors began swirling of an extremely skilled rurouni named Himura Kenshin staying at the Kamiya dojo, Maekawa invited Kaoru to a training session in the hopes that the swordsman would come along. However, upon encountering Kenshin, Maekawa is able to discern that the man is incredibly skilled and has a deep, complicated past merely by looking into his eyes and the match is foregone.

Unfortunately, shortly afterward, the Maekawa dojo is beset upon by the swordsman Isurugi Raijūta, who mocks Maekawa's teachings and ruthlessly defeats him in a match. It is only due to Kenshin's intervention that the dojo's sign is not taken down and burned by Raijūta and his ward.

That Autumn, Maekawa dojo is attacked once again by Inui Banjin of the Six Comrades, targeting anyone involved with Kenshin and the Kamiya dojo.

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