Kanekura Kaede
Gender Female
Additional Information
Affiliation Kanekura family
Takani Megumi
Story Facts
Anime Debut Episode 14
Kanekura Kaede is a young girl afflicted with sickness, who is initially under the care of Takani Megumi, who advises her parents to give her the medicine she prescribed and have her placed in a room with a proper level of sunlight and a greater degree of ventilation. Her parents, desperate, ask Megumi to provide her the most expensive medicine possible, saying that they are willing to pay whatever it takes for her well-being, but she adamantly states that it is not a matter of money.

They later hear the rumours spread by the Hishimanji Guren Gang that Megumi is a swindler and so, desperately seek the assistance of a fake faith-healer named Raikō, who is secretly working with the Hishimanji Gang to bring ruin upon Megumi and later, other renowned doctors in the area.

Their plans, however, are thwarted by the Kenshin-gumi and Megumi tells Kaede's parents that prayer cannot heal their child, but the right medicine and environment and most importantly the care and regard of those around her, can. They thank her for her concern for their daughter.

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