Rsz spy
Kanji 飯塚
Gender Male
Additional Information
Occupation Spy
Affiliation Yaminobu
Ishin Shishi
Story Facts
Manga Debut Act 166
Anime Debut Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal
Seiyu Ryusei Nakao
Voice Actor Lowell B. Bartholomee

I'izuka is the examiner of executions for the Choshu Clan. After a member of the Choshu Clan kills, for example Kenshin, he goes and takes care of the body. He usually puts a note warning the Shogunate. He appears to be somewhat skilled at kenjutsu.

I'izuka is later revealed to be a traitor to the Choshu Clan, working as a spy for the Yaminobu. After the Yaminobu are defeated, he goes off on his own, however, he is assassinated by a younger Shishio Makoto and in his final moments states that his luck had run out.

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