Kanji 火男
Birth July 1848
Gender Male
Height 190 cm
Weight 120 kg
Blood Type O
Additional Information
Weapons Gas bag
Occupation Onmitsu
Affiliation Oniwabanshū
Story Facts
Manga Debut Act 17
Anime Debut Episode 8
Seiyu Shōzō Iizuka
Voice Actor Bob Papenbrook

Hyottoko was the fire-breathing member of the Tokyo Oniwabanshū.


Hyottoko is a large man, standing several feet above Kenshin and Sanosuke. He has a short tousled mop of black hair and eyes with small black pupils. He wears a cloth around his waist and carries a barrel of oil on his back supported by two thick ropes. Noticeable of Hyottoko is the fact that he has removed all of his teeth and replaced only the front two top and bottom teeth with flint teeth, giving him somewhat odd facial expressions.


Like all other members of the Tokyo Oniwabanshū, Hyottoko is extremely loyal to Shinomori Aoshi, to the point where he will not hesitate if he needs to give his life for him. Hyottoko is somewhat cocky but will always acknowledge the fact that someone is stronger than him when he is beaten.


Tokyo Oniwabanshū - fellow members

Shinomori Aoshi - Ōkashira


  • In the manga, when Hyottoko is attacked by Takeda Kanryū, part of his his head is blown off. Due to censorship in the anime, he is instead shot in the chest. Which is strange, as the whole reason he was shot in the face was to avoid blowing up the gas bag.

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