Hijikata Toshizō
Kanji 土方 歳三
Alias Demon Vice-Commander
Birth May 31, 1835
Gender Male
Additional Information
Fighting Style Tennen Rishin-ryū
Weapons Izumi-no-Kami Kanesada
Occupation Shinsengumi Vice-Commander
Ishida Medicine merchant (former)
Affiliation Shinsengumi
Tokugawa Bakufu
Story Facts
Seiyu Rikiya Koyama

Hijikata Toshizō was the vice-commander and co-founder of the legendary Shinsengumi. A legendary figure in his own right, Hijikata was the man responsible for the extremely strict code of conduct upheld by all Shinsengumi members under penalty of seppuku, leading to his notoriety as the group's "Demon Vice-Commander." Though he only barely appears in the Rurouni Kenshin series, Hijikata is confirmed to have been the inspiration behind the character Shinomori Aoshi.

He is the founding member of the Shinsengumi that wrote the Internal Regulations and developed the fighting style (especially developing the Hirazuki technique which later became Saitō Hajime's signature move along with serving it as an inspiration to Okita Sōji to develop his own signature move the Sandanzuki) that Shinsengumi came to be known for, the Tennen-Rishin Ryu. He tolerates no imperfection, but is not unreasonable. As such, he has the respect of all 40 members of the Shinsengumi. He was killed in the Battle of Hakodate during the last days of the Boshin War. His death also marked the end of the Shinsengumi. 

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