Higashidani Ōta
Kanji 東谷 央太
Alias "Apple-cheeks"
Age 6
Birth 1872
Gender Male
Additional Information
Occupation Farmer/Hatmaker
Kenjutsu student
Affiliation Higashidani family
Story Facts
Manga Debut Act 228

Higashidani Ōta is the younger brother of Higashidani Sanosuke and the youngest member of the Higashidani family. Rather small and weak at the age of six, Ōta spends a great deal of time being protected by his older sister Uki, but learns the value of strength after finally meeting his long-lost elder brother, even adopting the "Aku" symbol Sanosuke wears on his back. In the 15th year of Meiji, Ōta journeys to Tokyo and becomes a student of the Kamiya dojo.

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