Genbu is a member of the Su Shen. He specializes in quickly coming up with battle strategies, while in combat. He faces Myōjin Yahiko using a giant club, which Yahiko counters using the Kamiya Kasshin-ryū ougi, or special technique. However, Genbu then splits his weapon into a chain staff, rendering the ougi useless and using his weapon to strike Yahiko with an extremely powerful blow to the mid-section and then the back of the head.

Yahiko is seemingly out of the fight, but manages to barely get up, purely on will power. During their next encounter, Yahiko uses a different manoeuvre, adjusting the Ougi, so that the hilt of his Shinai (wooden sword) drives through the end tip of the chain staff. This forces Genbu into a stalemate, so that he can move neither forward nor backward, without being hit by the Kasshin-ryu Hawatari technique.

Genbu is stuck thinking about what to do next, while Yahiko destroys his chain staff, leaving him defeated.

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