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Saitō in the "Isshiki" stance for the Gatotsu

Gatotsu is used by the Shinsengumi. It is a technique that part of the Hiratsuki (created by the 2nd in Command of the Shinsengumi, Hijikata Toshizo an actual technique). According to dialogue in the series, it seems that the Gatotsu is Saitō's invention, based on the aforementioned technique, a technique by strategically well designed with a great destructive power and almost without dead angle (due to running with the left arm to perform the strike, there is a small blind spot that leaves the right side of the body exposed). There are 4 variants of this move.


  • Gatotsu Ishiki: This is the standard Gatotsu is to place your sword horizontally holding it with your left arm bent backwards (as if to strike a blow) and straight ahead, as if you're holding the sword, but not touching ... then run to your opponent and drop a lunge which somehow becomes a tremendous force. Apparently the position of your sword determines the force that carried the Gatotsu among below is weaker.
  • Gatotsu Nishiki: This attack beat down from a top angle. The position of the stroke changes, placing the sword in the same way, only this see above your head, then jump to get over your opponent and then fall giving the usual thrust Gatotsu ...
  • Gatotsu Sanshiki: This other technique is for air combat. You use the normal position, only aiming at a target air, then you jump into releasing the lunge.
  • Gatotsu Zeroshiki: This is the number 0, raises the top of the body using a small jump that does not require large spaces, namely ... require to be close to your opponent, then you make a small leap backwards for some distance, then become a lunge forward making it very difficult to dodge because of the distance, and has the greatest power of all Gatotsu .

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