After the Kenshin-gumi eat a hearty lunch at the Akabeko, along the way home, a young man explains to a few men of a strange diagram, of how man is able to travel to the moon. Though enthusiastic and eager to show them with discreet steps, the men express disbelief and walk off into their everyday, but Kenshin shows curiosity and faith in what this young man has to show. As his master appears, they are to also be on their way, but they are confronted by a belligerent gang of former samurai. Dashing to their rescue, however, the master, Katsu Kaishu, immediately dismisses his young apprentice for his inexperience of battle and not showing courage in the face of danger, but the Kenshingumi are glad to take the young man in, whose fortunes appear to have turned for the worst. What is the story of this young man who they now help?

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