Raijuta's Desire. Vision Of A Forbidden Empire is the nineteenth episode of the Rurouni Kenshin anime series.


Himura Kenshin and friends visited Doctor Oguni Gensai's sister, deciding to stay with her for a week. The house she looked after, belonged to Tsukayama Yutarō, the son of a Samurai. Yutaro was a very rich and arrogant little boy who looked down on others, due to being raised and looked after by servants his entire life.

When he learned that Kenshin was a swordsman, he stated that the former looked scrawny and weak and rudely demanded him to prove his skills, whereby Yutaro would accept him as his mentor. Kenshin said that he never had the desire to train him in the first place. Yutaro continued being arrogant and Myōjin Yahiko, who was disgusted by his behaviour the whole time, had enough and pinned him to the ground. Sagara Sanosuke pulled Yahiko off him and Kaoru told Yutaro that in order to be a great swordsman, he needed to be more humble and respectful. Yutaro then demanded all of them to leave his mansion at once.

Soon afterwards, while riding on a horse, Yutaro was attacked by a group of thugs and then saved by Isurugi Raijūta, who began brutally killing them one by one. Kenshin stopped Raijuta from continuing his murderous rampage, expressing his disgust at the senseless loss of human life.

The group continued staying with Doctor Gensai's sister.

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