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Kanji ガキ侍 スッた!モンだ!で門下生
Rōmaji Gakizamurai Sutta! Monda! de Monkasei
English Title Kid Samurai: A Big Ordeal and a New Student
Air Date January 17, 1996
March 18, 2003 (US)
Season 1
Opening Theme Sobakasu
Ending Theme Tactics

Kid Samurai: A Big Ordeal and a New Student is the second of the Rurouni Kenshin anime series.



Yahiko returns the money

After deciding to stay with Kamiya Kaoru, she and Himura Kenshin take a stroll around the area and on the way happen to come across Myōjin Yahiko, a 10 year old child, whom Kenshin notices stealing the wallet from a elderly man and afterwards putting it in the hand of the child he is with, after seeing the child excited at wanting to buy something he liked. Kenshin commends Yahiko and pats him on the head for his act and then he and Kaoru walk off. Taking insult to Kenshin's act, Yahiko barges into him and attempts to steal his wallet, but is stopped by Kaoru. Kenshin tells Kaoru to let it go and allows Yahiko to keep the money he stole, which insults Yahiko even further, to the point where he throws the wallet at Kenshin's head, telling him that he's a proud descendent of Tokyo Samurai and that "he hasn't sunk so low" to be "pitied by others". Kenshin apologizes to Yahiko and tells him that even though he's a child, his heart is mature like that of an adult.

It is then revealed that Yahiko works for a group of Yakuza who force him to steal money on their behalf, in order to pay back an alleged loan that his late parents owed them. After remembering Kenshin's words, however, he says that he no longer wishes to steal and intends to earn money through honest means in order to repay his bosses. The Yakuza then laugh at him, saying that there was never a loan to begin with and that they only said that to make him their slave.

Meanwhile, Kaoru and Kenshin are eating beef hotpot at the Akabeko, where Sekihara Tae tells them Yahiko's story, which influences Kaoru to go and rescue him, though Kenshin says they should not get involved.


Kaoru shields Yahiko.

Kaoru then pays a visit to the Yakuza and wager's her own freedom for Yahiko's in a game of dice. Yahiko, knowing that the game is rigged, switches the die quickly without the others noticing, resulting in Kaoru winning. Yahiko then tells them to let her go, since she won. Knowing that Yahiko switched the die, the thugs start beating him up, but Kaoru fights them back successfully, until a skilled swordsman among them, named Gasuke interferes and easily beats Kaoru. They take him to their boss, Tanishi and Yahiko openly tells him that he no longer wishes to steal. Tanishi's thugs then insult Yahiko's parents, which enrages him to the point where he starts attacking them. Tanishi then orders Gasuke to teach Yahiko a lesson and as he draws his sword, approaching the latter. Kaoru then shields Yahiko and begs Gasuke not to hurt him. Gasuke tells her to "shut up" and is about to kill her until out of nowhere, Kenshin breaks in.

Kenshin tells the Yakuza to release Kaoru and Yahiko immediately or suffer being beaten up by his hand. Gasuke then gets angered and tries to attack Kenshin, who responds by smashing the hilt of his Sakabato on Gasuke's neck, causing his head to smash through the roof. Tanishi then recognizes that he is no position to deny Kenshin's request and agrees to return Kaoru and free Yahiko. Kenshin then thanks him. Yahiko then tells Kenshin that he can fight his own battles and doesn't need any help. Kenshin is impressed by Yahiko's pride and the three take off towards the Kamiya dojo, where Kenshin tells Yahiko to become a great swordsmanship, learning the Kamiya Kasshin-ryū under Kaoru's tutelage.


  • This order of events differs from the Manga, where Yahiko is introduced after Kenshin's confrontation with the police swordsmen (which occurs in Episode 3).


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