Misanagi and the Black Knights locate the Divine Elixir.

The Divine Elixir is an eternal-youth granting medicine that can heal all diseases found only in the depths of Lake Ryujin in Nagano Province.

A long time ago, during the rise of the Yamato ethnicity and settling of the nation of Japan, the region of Suwa was said to have held its own unique civilization and appeared to have first discovered and cultivated the Divine Elixir. As the civilization's edifices and habitations now remain only as ruins, it can be assumed that the legendary civilization saw a sort of cataclysmic downfall, and its knowledge of the elixir was then passed on and fiercely protected by the Sanada Ninja clan.

In the world of Rurouni Kenshin the anime, the Divine Elixir was known and spread throughout all of the known world in mankind's early history. Having been called and sought as Amrita, Ambrosia, Nectar, Soma, the Fountain of Youth, the Source of Immortality, and in many other names throughout the world, no one would know that all such miraculous and fantastical wellsprings of health and longevity originated and were held in the depths of Japan by this long lost civilization. It was only due to the adventures of a Portuguese missionary during their first days of contact with the Japanese nation, and to his documentation of this subject finding its way to Doctor Hans and the Kenshin-gumi that it would be known once more.

As a result of the intense battle between First Lieutenant Meldars of the Black Knights and Himura Kenshin, nearly all of the elixir burns away and is lost in an inferno of petroleum which it grew upon. The only known specimen salvaged was by the hands of Tsukayama Yutarō.

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