Byakko is a member of the Su Shen. He specializes in viciously attacking his opponents. During his battle with Sagara Sanosuke, he uses a series of well co-ordinated handstrikes aiming at his vital points, called Pai Hu Chan Kung. However, this does nothing but disgust Sano, who tells him to attack with one big technique rather than such small petty techniques. Sano then strikes him down, but Byakko tells him that he was just caught off guard. Byakko proceeds to strike Sano again with his Pai Hu Chan Kung, but is once again put down.


Sano pummels Byakko.

Knowing that he is at a disadvantage each time he strikes Sano, Byakko plays dirty, by throwing sand in Sano's eyes and striking him in the mid-section with a small spike which seemingly causes a fatal wound. However, Sano is still not impressed and tells him that he should use a big technique and then strikes the ground with his Futae no Kiwami, causing a vast amount of sand to fly rapidly towards Byakku, which makes the latter fall to the ground. Sano then proceeds to finish him, thus sealing the battle.

Sano's amazing performance against an opponent of that caliber, despite a damaged right hand, deeply impresses Kenshin whose faith in his friend and ally grows ever stronger.

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