Arai Azusa
Kanji 新井 梓
Gender Female
Additional Information
Affiliation Arai Seikū
Story Facts
Manga Debut Act 75
Anime Debut Episode 39
Seiyu Chieko Honda

Arai Azusa is the wife of Arai Seikū, the mother of Arai Iori, and the daughter-in-law of Arai Shakku.


When Himura Kenshin, Okina, and Makimachi Misao arrive at the Arai family's small cutlery shop on the outskirts of Kyoto seeking a replacement katana, Seikū respectfully declines to either sell them one of his late father's pieces or forge a new sword for them. After the travelers leave peacefully, however, Azusa expresses her opinion that Seikū could have given them his father's final work. Her husband refuses this suggestion, declaring that he wishes to leave at least one piece of his father's legacy unstained by blood. Unfortunately, their short discussion is overheard by Juppongatana spies and makes its way back to the "Sword Hunter" Sawagejō Chō, who pays the family a visit himself, demanding the sword for his collection. Seikū denies adamantly that such a sword exists and, sensing his treachery, Chō takes baby Iori hostage, prompting the desperate Azusa to admit that the aforementioned blade resides at Hakusan Shrine as a holy sword. With Iori in tow as insurance, Chō makes his way to the shrine to steal the sword. While Seikū and Azusa lament the fate that awaits their child once the Sword Hunter has both a weapon and a victim on which to test it, they are overheard once again by the returning Misao, who immediately sends word of the incident to her grandfather and rushes to the Hakusan shrine with the Arai family.

Upon arriving at the shrine, they find that Kenshin has already engaged Chō in battle to save Iori's life. Seeing that Himura is at a disadvantage and trusting that he will fight to protect peace and innocence, Seikū and Azusa entrust him with Arai Shakkū's final sword. After swiftly defeating the Sword Hunter with it, Kenshin is surprised to discover that the holy sword of Hakusan Shrine is a sakabatō like his last sword. Azusa explains that the blade Himura now holds is a Sakabatō Shinuchi, an improved forging of the sword he'd had in his possession.

She was portrayed by Aki Nishihara in live action sequel to movie


  • Azusa is not given a name in the Rurouni Kenshin manga (called instead "Seikū's wife), but does receive one in the Shin Kyoto Hen OVA.

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