Anzai Jurobei
Gender Male
Additional Information
Weapons Sword
Occupation Swordsman
Affiliation Tengu Democracy Party
Story Facts
Anime Debut Episode 77
Seiyu Hiroyuki Shibamoto
Anzai Jurobei is a swordsman who offers the Tengu Democracy Party his services to kill Ogawa Heizo (the alleged Hitokiri Battōsai), knowing that the latter is a fake and that he has a chance to make a name for himself, by killing the legendary Battōsai. When he enters Heizo's dojo along with members of the Tengu Party, the former tries to pull off his usual attempt of scaring enemies away by threatening to draw his sword and use Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū. Unfortunately, this does not work and so he breaks down in front of Anzai, confessing that he is not the real Battōsai. This comes to no avail and just as he is about to kill Heizo, Himura Kenshin (the real Hitokiri Battōsai) comes to the rescue and defeats Anzai.

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