Resurrection of the Wolf
Chapter Info
Volume: 7
Chapter: 48
Japanese Title: 蘇る狼
Romanized Title: Yomigaeru Ookami
U.S. Release: October 12, 2004
Chapter Chronology
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Resurrection of the Wolf is 48th chapter of manga


The flashback of Kneshin's past, when he fighting with his last enemy Saitō Hajime,of Shinsengumi . Kaoru called Kenshin who wake up from dream and Kenshin told Kaoru and Yahiko about his encounter with Shinsengumi was originally as a unit by Kyoto Defense and loyal to Shogun government, Kenshin heard the Shinsengumi captains had died in the battle and meanwhile, Sano met a mysterious man who introduced himself as Fujita Goro.

Chapter NotesEdit

  • On page 13 of chapter 48, members of the Shinsengumi are shown to look just like the characters in the series that were based on them, with the exception of Saito, the only character who wasn't renamed from the Shinsengemi character he was based on.
    • Toshizo Hijikata looks like Aoshi.
    • Sanosuke looks like Harada Sanosuke.
    • Okito looks like Sojiro.

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