To New A Age
Chapter Info
Volume: 28
Chapter: 255
Japanese Title: 終幕)新たなる世代へ
Romanized Title: (Shūmaku). Aratanaru Sedai e
U.S. Release: July 5, 2006
Chapter Chronology
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To A New Age is last chapter of manga, set in

☀June 1882 - 15th Meiji Year


The chapter starts with the older Yahiko going to the Kamiya Dojo where he see's Kenshin and Kaoru's child, Kenji, being trapped on the roof. After helping him down, Yahiko then gets into a fight with Kaoru until Kenshin challenges Yahiko to a duel in which Kenshin wants to test him for his 15th birthday. Afterwards, though Yahiko loses, Kenshin deems him worthy of the Sakabato and parts ways with the blade that was by his side for 15 years. Yahiko then rushes out with his new sword at his waist as Kaoru comments on him losing his sword and noticing how the scar on his face is starting to fade. She then tells Kenshin to rest.
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Himura Family + Yahiko

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