A dark change unto death
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Chapter Info
Volume: 24
Chapter: 207
Japanese Title: Kenshin's Mighty Breakdown
Japan Release: June 2003
U.S. Release: June 2005
Chapter Chronology
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Title: A Dark Change Unto Death

Now that Kenshin has been subdued by whale-mouth, Enishi goes forth with his plan to sacrifice Kaoru in the name of "earthly justice". Kaoru is ready to fight Enishi off - and she realizes that she will lose - but has the will to fight agaist Enishi because it is what Kenshin would do (never give up). Enishi almost instaneously appears behind Kaoru in the smokescreen and grabs her after he tells her that she is the sacrifice for Tomoe's death. About five minutes later, Sanosuke and Saito have fought whale mouth off of Kenshin, so he can get back to Kaoru-Dono and save her from Enishi. However, Kenshin smells white-plumb scent, and is confused, until he sees Enishi. Enishi states that the fragrance of Tomoe signifies the completion of Jinchuu, and that life as Kenshin knows it will cease to exist. Kenshin frantically searches through the smoke for Kaoru-Dono, knowing that something has gone terribly wrong, while Enishi is seen disappearing into the backround sadistacally smiling and saying he wants Kenshin to mourn so much that it kills him. 

Kenshin at this point is yelling for Kaoru-Dono's name, hoping to hear some kind of reply, while following the white-plumb scent into the smokescreen. He is eventually lead into the dojo, and makes a face that can really only be discribed as a one of absolute shock laced with horror, while Sano and Megumi discover the grizzly scene momentarily afterwards. Dropping down to his knees and losing his sword, the normally stoic Kenshin begins to have a complete mental breakdown upton seeing the horrific image laying infront of him. He questions the very existance of the Hiten-Mitsurugi School and the worth of Himura Kenshin, as he has again failed to protect the one person who was the most important to him in his life. Kenshin then begins to cry hysterically and screams the name of the second women he loved, this time without the -Dono. The last page shows what Kenshin actually saw: Kaoru's eyes-open lifeless corpse, with a cross shaped wound on her face, has been impaled by Enshi's sword through her heart so deeply that she is stuck to the back wall of her own dojo, where ironically the words "the sword that revitalizes" are engraved. End Act 207.  

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