TITLE: The Confession: Part II

The Confession: Part II
Chapter Info
Volume: 21
Chapter: 183
Japanese Title:
Japan Release: ?
U.S. Release: ?
Chapter Chronology
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Kaoru finds Kenshin exterting his ken-ki in the forest after searching for him all afternoon to tell him something important. They watch a group of Kaoru's students enjoy a meal and begin to discuss the new age and how things will or will not change. Kaoru being hopeful, suggests that everyone can stay together and be happy in the new era, but Kenshin says this is impossible because people will never change. Kenshin goes into great detail about how Yahiko, Megumi, Sanosuke, and all of the Kenshingumi will soon be leaving the dojo, as their life's journies will take them outside the Kamiya Dojo. Kenshin says life is a lonely journey without farewells, but that is how it is. Koaru seeing Kenshin's description of the soon-to-be farewells of all of their friends believes that Kenshin is implying that he will leave her just as everyone else. Kaoru knows that she is the only one who could possibly keep Kenshin from dying in battle or leaving again, so she comes clean with her feelings; Kenshin is initially shocked by her statement, but he tells her that his wondering days have come to an end and that his home is with her. The two go home, embracing eachother as a couple and head home... what happens after to this is left up to the reader's imagination. 
Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 9.10.55 PM

Kaoru drops the bomb on Kenshin

The second half of 183 shows Saitou in Tokyo with Chou, and they are discussing the details of what is going on with the emergence of the kingpin of the illegal armstrade, Enishi, appearing in public. They know that this is the "gravest aspect of the Shishio case" as the very existence of Ensihi is a danger to the whole country. Saitou and Chou set off to look for Enishi, but it is clear to the reader that Saitou is looking forward to his reunion with Kenshin as well. End act 183

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