Fierce Battle
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 20
Chapter: 177
Japanese Title: 追憶ノ十二-激闘-
Romanized Title: Tsuioku no Jūni -Gekitō
Japan Release: November 4, 1999
U.S. Release: July 5, 2006
Chapter Chronology
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Harish Fight is the 177th chapter of the manga.


Enishi find his sister vanished from home and he search her meanwhile Kenshin fought with Sumita only injuries by Yatsume Mumyōi and Kenshin defeated him leaving Mumyōia to get revenge to many years and Sumita put off the bomb which blast where Enishi sees it and Kenshin escape it .Yaminobu planned to kill Tomoe when Kenshin come to saved her and challenging with Yaminobu

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