Enishi's Visit
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 20
Chapter: 173
Japanese Title: 追憶ノ八-縁、来訪-
Romanized Title: Tsuioku no Hachi -Enishi, Raihō-
Japan Release: November 4, 1999
U.S. Release: July 5, 2006
Chapter Chronology
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Enishi's Visit is 173rd chapter of Manga


Kenshin playing with other children where suddenly a boy come to see Tomoe, one of kids asking but Enishi reply and hit him Kenshin got bitten and Tomoe was surprised to see Enishi who was overjoyed. Tomoe introduced him to Kenshin who surprised that he had a brother in law once Kenshin went outisde to watched other children playing Enishi realaved to Tomoe that Chosunu wll kill Kenshin to average his soon be brother in law Akira it revealed Tomoe was Akira's fiancee .

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