Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 20
Chapter: 170
Japanese Title: 追憶ノ六-激動·元治元年-
Romanized Title: "Tsuioku no Roku -Gekidō: Genji Gan'nen-
Japan Release: November 4, 1999
U.S. Release: July 5, 2006
Chapter Chronology
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Turmoil is the 170th chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


At the festival, Izuka receives information from informer, Katagai, regarding the secret meeting between Katusna and that the rebel was leaked by Shinsgumi, who killed Yoshina and Ishida. Shinshgumi is leaves there injured while Kenshin meets his enemy, Saito Hajime. Tomoe and Kenshin meet with Katsuna who survived and hid. Kenshin was asked by Tomoe to marry her.  News about Kenshin's marriage reaches Shinsaku who was in jail. Kenshin was fifteen when he married Tomoe, who was eighteen. Tomoe's brother, Enishi, was Kenshin's brother-in-law.

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