Remembrance 3: In the Rain of Blood
Chapter Info
Volume: 19
Chapter: 167
Japanese Title: 追憶ノ参-血の雨の男と女-
Romanized Title: Tsuioku no San -Chi no Ame no Otoko to Onna
Japan Release: February 4, 1998
U.S. Release: October 10, 2005
Chapter Chronology
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A Man and Woman in a Rain of Blood is the 167th chapter of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.


Kenshin recalls his master's words when two men ask Tomoe to come with them, claiming they were Isshin Shishi but Kenshin exposes them as frauds. Later, one of the frauds goes running to Kenshin for help but he was killed by a ninja. Kenshin then kills the ninja.

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