Chapter Info
Volume: 18
Chapter: 165
Japanese Title: 追憶ノ壱-人斬り
Romanized Title: -Hitokiri
U.S. Release: October 10, 2005
Chapter Chronology
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Hitokiri is 165th chapter of manga showed Kenshin's past


11 years ago in Kyodo the bodyguards of Shogun walk and talked about Akira's marriage in next month where Kenshin Himura inputted it and kills two of bodyguards only Akira fight with Kenshin and cutting Kenshin's face and Akira was stabbed , Before his death, a dying Akira tried reach for his last words to his fiancee's name before Kenshin stiked him and dies. Later Kenshin washed his body from blood.

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