Sōjirō's Story: Smile in the Frozen Rain
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 16
Chapter: 132
Japanese Title: 宗次郎の過去-氷雨の笑顔-
Romanized Title: Sōjirō no Kako -Hisame no Egao-
U.S. Release: April 5, 2005
Chapter Chronology
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A Smile in the Freezing Rain is 132nd chapter of manga


Sorjiro was tranied was Shisho later he heard his family to plan to kill him because he settled the killer. Sorjiro decpted his uncle's head as their family memebers's horror and begged him for spared their lives but Sorjiro end up kill all them for good as Shisho heard the screams once he finished his dinner he sees Sorijro finished killing his family members and he ask him when he cry and Sorijro reply no. Sorjiro joined Shisho to become his henchman as he ready to fight kenshin

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