Sōjirō's Story: Moonlight Encounter
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 16
Chapter: 130
Japanese Title: 宗次郎の過去-月夜の邂逅
Romanized Title: Sōjirō no Kako -Tsukiyo no Kaikō-
Japan Release: June 4, 1997
U.S. Release: July 6, 2005
Chapter Chronology
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A Chance Meeting on a Moonlit Night is 130th chapter of manga which flashback show Sota's tragic past and meeting with Shihso


Sano sees Kenshin's injures from Sorjiro while battle as Yumi and Sano watched them. after Kenshin put bandages on his body he ready to fight Sorjiro. Sorjio revealed to Yumi that he had tragic past - as Sorjiro was abused by his father's family after his parents's death  and put to smile to survive it. one day he washed his injures he sees a person was killed by a bandaged man who turn out be Shisho.

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